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Concierge By Request is an owner-operated boutique concierge company created by Aline Goulet. Since 2006, the Company has offered lifestyle management solutions for individuals and corporations ranging from picking up dry cleaning to home repairs to planning and executing an annual picnic for hundreds. Services can be delivered in both French and English.

Aline Goulet is uniquely qualified for the role of overseeing the delivery of quality concierge services.   Aline has more than 30 years experience in the business world, undertaking roles as diverse as personal shopper for affluent clients; to manager of community relations and customer service; to event planning for a major developer. Aline is, by nature,  a nurturer who derives great satisfaction from looking after people’s needs.

Concierge By Request is guided by Aline’s commitment to offer clients effective, affordable and reliable solutions to help ensure work/life balance.  Her mission is to empower people to “take back your time” and “free up your day”.

About Concierge by Request
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