• I could not possibly give a higher recommendation for Aline.  She has done a tremendous amount for us over the past several years and has kept our lives moderately sane as a result.  The great thing is that you can just ask Aline to do something and it gets done and it gets done right -- everything from doing the food shopping for a weekend of entertaining at the cottage, to fixing the plumbing, to getting the house painted, to setting up our new cottage, to changing tires on the car.  She has helped with dinner parties, purchasing wedding fits, fixing the GPS for the boat, etc, etc, etc. She has had a key to our house and chalet for several years.  She is responsive, conscientious and totally trustworthy.  We are incredibly pleased with her services.

    Mark Wiseman Global Head of Active Equities & Chairman, BlackRock Alternative Investors
  • For the past five years, Aline and her team have been the go to support people when employees required help with tasks outside of work. On a personal level, I have been able to request a variety of services ranging from my weekly grocery shopping to picking up my bike at the repair shop to furniture assembly. All my requests are always completed promptly. Others in the organization have used her services for auto maintenance, party planning and providing housekeepers. Her services are a time saver, giving us peace of mind, and the time, to focus on our own work priorities. Aline and Concierge By Request have been a welcome addition to our support system.

    Behzad Khosrowshahi President & CEO - DRI Capital Inc.
  • Both my wife and I have busy professional careers and without Aline's assistance we wouldn't be able to get by. She has supported us for several years across a range of large and small projects. Nothing appears too small nor too big nor too complex for Aline. She simply always gets it done. We take great comfort knowing that we can rely on Aline for pretty much anything where we need extra help. In many ways she has become a trusted extension of the family. Highly responsive, conscientious and trustworthy. We are delighted to provide a testimonial on her behalf.

    Linda Mantia / Gerrard Schmid Senior EVP & COO - Manulife / President & CEO Diebold Nixdorf
  • Aline has meant the world to our family. First of all, as a person she is intelligent, kind and resourceful. Perhaps that is enough said for any human being? From helping us settle down into Canada as ex-pats, with arranging for simple things like groceries, pet care, and fixes around the house, to helping “Santa” with big surprise presents, finding a realtor for us, moving us into a new home, recommending a designer, to remodeling a house, plantings in the yard, fixing bicycles, cars, grills, furniture, all of it was done with care and professionalism. Most recently, Aline was there to bid for me in absentia for a painting in New York. It was a 20th wedding anniversary gift for my wife. Lastly, and certainly most importantly, she will act as an executor for our children in case of the unthinkable. Perhaps there is no greater testament of our trust in her. Thank you Aline. Dr. Monica Holboke and Dr. Jonathan Briggs.

    Dr. Monica Holboke and Dr. Jonathan Briggs
  • Concierge by Request is absolutely amazing.  Aline has been assisting us for the past several years -- anything from coordinating the renovations to our new condominium to preparing and serving small dinner parties, all the way up to holiday dinners for 30!  She has never let us down -- always comes up with a solution for any situation.  We now can't live without her!  Thanks so much Aline.

    Barbara P. Jewell Vice President, Private Investment Advisor, TD Waterhouse
  • Aline's services have been exceptional, helping us through situations we never dreamed imaginable.  She has the ability to quickly secure capable contractors to fix odds and ends in the house, engage conscientious house-keepers, and has even helped us out of last minute emergencies, such as helping to secure our marriage license at the last minute before our wedding when we realized our minister had left this for us to do.  I suppose one could say she is the reason we are now officially married :)!

    Nichole Anderson, President & CEO - Business for the Arts
  • Dear Aline, Your care for us at our recent off-site reminded me of another occasion of impeccable service. Five years ago I was at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Bali. I asked one of the staff how they were able to express and maintain the highest levels of service with such joy. He said: "In Bali, being in the service business is a high position. Service is a sacred act in our culture." Thank you for bringing that to my colleagues and me. Your contribution freed us, the surroundings you cared for inspired us and your presence nourished us. Thank you very much,

    Peter Bromley CEO, First Light PMV Inc. Toronto
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