We have three distinct categories of service; Home Services, Personal Assistant, and Event Planner. Each is explained below and is priced based on the level of expertise required to deliver the service. You can browse and choose services from one category or all three.

Each category has a specific hourly rate. Hourly rates are for services only and do not include charges for outside vendors or the purchase of items required to complete the service request (i.e., cost of groceries, maintenance to car, tickets for two to Bali)

Please call for pricing and an estimate of the time required to complete the task.

Payments may be made by cash, cheque or credit card. We accept Visa and Master Card.


Home Services

Anything required for the upkeep of your residence(s) in the city or in the country.


Personal Assistant

Offers a full range of personal and domestic services designed to help you maintain work/life balance.


Event Planner

From a romantic dinner for two to an elegant brunch for a hundred, your event planner can provide everything from the theme to the dessert.

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